“WOW! feels like an understatement.”

“I now know why you are so admired and appreciated. You have lived up to the nearly emphatic references friends gave about you when I was injured shortly after moving to the area. Thank you.”

“I am so grateful for all the time, surgical insights, skill, patience and kindness you and your wonderful team provided me in the months after I was rear ended at a red light and injured. When we met I was struggling with multiple injuries at once (concussion, jaw and knee injury) and you helped me understand my injury and the best treatments for the cartilage damage to my right femoral condyle.

You performed a micro-fracture procedure followed by three PRP injections to stimulate cartilage repair but unfortunately I continued to experience pain during normal daily activities. You had previously discussed that my age might be a limiting factor in recovering and that I was outside the optimal recovery age despite my fitness level and weight. I understood and we both had hoped it would restore my ability to use my knee regularly.

Since my activity level remained limited I asked if there was anything else I could do to help. You recommended and later performed an OATs procedure (cartilage transplant) to the injured area. I’m now eight weeks off crutches and my knee feels better than any point since the accident. “Wow!” feels like an understatement given the dramatic improvements my knee continues to show monthly. I am continuing to strengthen my legs as recommended and hope to run a short race again by years end. This may not seem like much but I’m excited since I had been rendered unable to walk more than short distances by the accident. I am now looking forward to a very active post-accident life again.

Your staff is wonderful. Special thanks as well to Dr. Sen, Mark Ford, Jessica, and Anna.”

~ P. Schmidt

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